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siberian snow goose down pillow

Siberian White Snowgoose, 100% Down Pillows - Premium Collection

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  • Our Premium Collection pillows are made from Siberian White Snowgoose, 100 % down.
  • The fill power/loft of the down is 800.
  • Available in soft/low, medium and firm/high.
  • € 251 - € 936

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What are the main characteristics of these pillows?

Our Premium Collection pillows are the most luxurious ones we make at Norvegr and they are some of the most luxurious pillows you can get.

They are created for all goose down lovers out there, and they are pure down with no feathers.

Why are these pillows so luxurious?

The down that we use for these pillows comes from the Siberian White Snowgoose and the fill power is an incredible 800.

If you swear to goose rather than duck for your pillows, then you need not look further.

How firm are these pillows?

On a scale from soft to firm, these pillows are the softest ones we make.

The feather free goose down inside is made up of some of the largest down pearls/balls that are commercially obtainable.

This means that they trap a lot of air and take up a lot of space, equating to a fill power in the extremes.

Due to the properties of this quality of down we need less of it inside the pillows than our Classic Collection pillows, in order to achieve the volumes that we want.

The end result is a lighter pillow that simultaneously is wonderfully bouncy and incredibly soft.

If you are used to feather heavy pillows, that are often heavy in weight, then these pillows will feel too soft for you. You will love them if you prefer the softer feel of goose down.

How many of these pillows is optimal?

Use one or two of these for your head depending on your personal preference, or combine one with one from our other pillow collections to create your own little pillow menu.

All Premium Collection pillows are available in soft/low, medium and firm/high versions.

How do I care for these pillows?

Wash and tumble dry according to our instructions twice or four times a year to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Choosing the perfect pillow

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