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Linen Guide

The world of luxury linens can be misleading

Customers can frequently get hung up on thread count, when in reality the fibre, weave and finish are the true indicators of how a fabric will feel on your skin.


A fabric’s thread count signifies the number of horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) threads per square inch.Bed linen thread counts vary from roughly 100 to more than 1,000. The obsession with thread count has driven numbers ever higher, even though the overall quality of the fabric can be unexceptional. Often threads can be artificially twisted together to produce a very high thread count. Fabric that is overly dense will easily become stiff, proving difficult to wash, and will not breathe well. That’s why we have carefully selected a 300 thread count sateen for our bed linen.

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Linen, the Norvegr Way

We use long staple cotton

The longer the cotton fibre, the stronger, softer and more robust the end product. Our long staple cotton yarn is spun by mills with decades of experience.

Our yarns are single ply

Long fibre threads don’t need to be twisted with each other to become strong. Such threads or yarns are called single ply.

We use skilled weavers

Different techniques are used to weave the yarn into fabric. As with any craft, the final quality depends on the manufacturer. Talented weavers create better fabrics.

Satin weave all the way

We’ve chosen satin weave for our bed linen because of its incredible softness and luxurious appearance. Also, because it’s one thread under and three threads over; a technique that makes linen addictively shiny and sumptuous.

Finishing touches

We use a process called ‘singeing’ to eliminate loose fibres and fuzz, enhancing the longevity. We also use a process called mercerising to increase lustre and smoothness, providing a resistance to mildew and lint.

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