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Why Choose Down

From inimitable insulation properties to an almost ethereal softness, nothing beats the finest quality down for comfort and indulgence.

When it comes to insulation, nature knows best. Unlike the rigid structure of feathers which offer little insulation, down is found on the undercoat beneath birds’ feathers, mainly on the chest and belly. It consists of light, fluffy filaments that grow from a central quill point. As there’s no quill shaft, the structure is naturally soft. It effectively traps tiny pockets of air between the filaments, creating thousands of insulation pockets that simultaneously allow moisture to escape. This superior insulation is what keeps your body from losing heat in a way that is naturally more effective than feathers or synthetic materials.

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Compared to all other natural and synthetic alternatives, down is the best product for keeping you warm. The individual filaments of the feather-light down create thousands of air pockets that keep warm air in and cold air out. It is the supreme way to regulate your sleeping body temperature when compared to feathers or other non-natural filling.


We use naturally hypoallergenic down. Our rigorous cleaning process ensures that we remove any mites which are the main culprit responsible for allergies, while the breathability of the down keeps it dry to avoid any undesirables returning. In fact, studies have shown that allergy-causing mites are 8 times more prevalent in synthetic fillings.

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Ethically Sourced 

Animal welfare is crucial to the Norvegr ethos. You can be confident that the down in our products is ethically sourced, with traceability certificates and third-party audits ensuring every animal’s wellbeing. Our down is also 100% natural and biodegradable, giving it one of the lowest carbon footprints of all fill materials.

The Differences of Down

Whether goose or duck, we’ll help you understand the difference in down fillers and find the product that is ideal for you.

The Best of Rest

Down offers an exceptional range of health benefits, ensuring your good night’s sleep becomes a life well lived.

Down Stock

When you buy Norvegr, you are investing in a stock of down. If any filling is removed from your product, you can use it towards another duvet or pillow. After the down is cleaned, you can choose to upgrade an existing item or create something new that will perform wonderfully for years to come.

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