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Pillow Guide

When it comes to pillows there’s no single answer.

It’s about finding what’s right for you, and striking the personal balance between softness and support. Because we’re all different, Norvegr offers three distinctive pillow collections. Varying from firm to super-soft, they also come in low, medium and high versions. Whether you prefer to like flat or propped up, to sleep on something soft or firm, we offer something for everyone.

Down in Pillows

When compressed, down loses some of its ability to insulate and breathe. However its natural softness and irrepressible bounce still make it a wonderful choice for pillow filling. Feathers are usually added to increase firmness; the more feathers, the firmer the product. Our feathers are never obtrusive. They are meticulously crafted to ensure a soothing, uninterrupted night of sleep.

The Height of Comfort

Your pillow height can also be a personal choice that depends on your sleep style. If you find your head frequently overheats, a low and firm pillow would be an ideal choice to allow you more space to breathe. A high pillow adds an elevated sense of sink-in indulgence, and can also be good for belly sleepers who prefer to use pillows to support their legs and body.

Standard Collection

European White Goose, 60% Down Pillows, Fill Power 500

Classic Collection

European White Goose, 90% Down Pillows, Fill Power 625

Premium Collection

European White Goose, 100% Down Pillows, Fill Power 830

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