European White Goose, 90% Down Pillows, Fill Power 625

200.00 $570.00 $

(Prices include custom clearance, import duties and/or VAT worldwide. Worldwide shipping is free for orders over $1000)

European White Goose down, 90% down and 10% feathers. Fill power 625 (EU).

Each size is available in low, medium and high versions.

The price is per single pillow. Each pillow is made to order with a three week lead time.

These are exactly in the middle of our firmness scale and offer a blend of support, bounce and softness. This is the optimal collection for those desiring the best of both worlds – softness and firmness. The small, soft feathers never poke out of the pillow.

We recommend to ship the pillow back to us every five years for complete restoration. The down inside these pillows is very durable and can be restored up to four times without the quality decreasing – thereby lasting at least 25 years if maintained properly. The restoration cost is the retail price at the time of restoration, divided by four. Shipping back and forth is extra, but thanks to a generous discount with our courier, costs are modest. We will gladly help arrange your product’s return to make the process as effortless as possible for you.

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