A product from Norvegr can potentially last for decades, making it a truly sustainable choice. A combination of excellent craftsmanship, natural durability and our unique restoration service means you can cherish your Norvegr duvet and pillows for a lifetime.

With so many of the products on the market today, we enjoy a few years’ use before discarding them – either because they’re not built to last, or the novelty has worn off.

Norvegr duvets and pillows couldn’t be more different.

Firstly, because their durability is unsurpassed. Secondly, you’ll never tire of the blissful feeling of sleeping under a cloud.

Reduce, reuse… restore

All Norvegr down duvets come with a 10-year guarantee.

Pillows generally take more of a battering than duvets, so they start to flatten faster. However, because of down’s fantastic ability to regain its shape, it will last for decades when treated the right way. Its unique robustness means it can be given a new lease of life, time and time again.

Our family is the oldest and only specialist down cleaner in Norway, and one of the very few in Europe.

Having restored down products since the 1950s, we are adept at ensuring your duvet and pillows perform superbly for decades.


Naturally, this saves precious resources, making it the sustainable choice. It’s also far less expensive than replacing the entire product.

How does it work?

Once you’ve purchased one of our down products, you’re welcome to return it to us for restoration. We recommend restoring duvets roughly every 10 years and pillows every five years.

We begin by extracting the down from the product. We then steam clean it, dry it and sanitise it using harmless UV irradiation. We provide entirely new duvet and pillow shells, refill them with the clean down and top it up. Your duvet and pillows are returned to you as good as new, ready to ensure dreamy nights for years to come.

Cost-effective and convenient

  • Pillows: the cost of restoring is the retail price at time of restoration, divided by four.
  • Classic, Premium and Premium Plus duvets: cost is the retail price at time of restoration, divided by five.
  • Limited Edition duvets: cost is the retail price at time of restoration, divided by eight.

Shipping back and forth is extra, but thanks to a generous discount with our courier, costs are modest. We will gladly help arrange your product’s return to make the process as effortless as possible for you.

cost-effective and convenient

In between restoration cycles, you can refresh your pillows and duvets at home.

Wash and tumble dry if your machine is big enough or use a professional cleaning service.

For more details, see our Care Guide.

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