European White Goose, 60% Down Pillows, Fill Power 500

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European White Goose down, 60% down and 40% feathers. Fill power 500 (EU).

Each size is available in low, medium and high versions.

The price is per single pillow.

This is our firmest pillow collection, and the firmness comes from the proportion of feathers. As the feathers are small and soft, they will never migrate out of the pillows. Please note that if you are looking for those really firm pillows one sometimes comes across in hotels, where your head barely sinks into the pillow, our Standard Collection pillows will feel a lot softer. Choosing the firm version will get you as close as we are willing to go.

Prices include custom clearance, import duties and/or VAT worldwide. Worldwide shipping is free for orders over €1000.

Our Standard Collection down & feather pillows are great for those that require a little more support for their head than pure down pillow lovers do.

The perfect balance:

While providing support, the Standard Collection pillows also provide a comfortable level of softness, as the down ratio is 60 %

This down is European White goose down.

The 40% feather portion of these pillows are made up of small and soft feathers. The great thing about the small size of the feathers is that they do not come out of the pillow.

On a scale from soft to firm, these pillows are our firmest ones.

The details: With a fill power of 500 we need more of this type of down than for our two other pillow collections, in order to achieve the volumes we want. The pillows therefore naturally get firmer.

Furthermore, a 40% portion of small and soft feathers in the mix inside adds to the firmness. Still, if you are used to feather heavy pillows - that are also often heavy in weight - you will find that these feel softer.

Use one or two of these for your head, depending on your personal preference, or alternatively, combine one with a pillow from one of our other collections, to create your own little pillow menu.

All Standard Collection pillows are available in soft/low, medium and firm/high versions.

Wash and tumble dry according to our instructions, two to four times a year, to ensure optimal performance at all times.

What Constitutes a Good Pillow?

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