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Summer, winter or all-year duvets – how do you choose? And what are togs about? Read our guide to duvet weights to help you choose the sleep solution that will keep you cosy, cool and comfortable through the seasons.

Duvet Collections

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Classic Collection
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Premium Plus Collection
Limited Edition Eiderdown
Limited Edition Eiderdown

90% White European Goose Down

Fill Power 755

Available in summer, all year, winter and polar weight.

Designed to last a lifetime through the Norvegr option to restore.

100% White European Goose Down

Fill Power 850

Available in summer, all year, winter and polar weight.

Designed to last a lifetime through the Norvegr option to restore.

100% White Masurian Goose Down

Fill Power 915

Available in summer, all year, winter and polar weight.

Designed to last a lifetime through the Norvegr option to restore.

100% pure norwegian eiderdown

best & most exclusive down

Available in summer, all year, winter and polar weight.

Designed to last a lifetime through the Norvegr option to restore.

When choosing a duvet weight, ask yourself three questions:

What’s the climate like where I live?

Does the temperature in my bedroom fluctuate greatly from season to season?

How warm or cool do I prefer to be?

Many Norvegr customers choose our versatile all-year duvet. However, if you feel the cold, if you’re often too warm, or you live in a place with widely varying outdoor temperatures, we recommend purchasing separate summer and winter duvets to keep you seasonally in sync.

summer duvets

Hot, sticky nights are a nightmare of the past with our airy, lightweight summer duvets.

Filled with small amounts of down, spread over many channels, they appear almost translucent in places. But with the miraculous thermo-regulating properties of down, you can be confident of keeping warm on cooler nights or when the air conditioning’s on, yet sublimely comfortable when the mercury’s rising.No one wants to be weighed down by heavy bedding in the summer. Our soft, breathable, down-filled summer duvets feel lighter than air.They’re a great choice if you live in a balmy climate, have sultry summers, or are prone to overheating at night.Want an even lighter fill? Let us customise a super-light version for you.

all year duvets

Versatility is king with our all-year duvets, designed for rooms and environments with relatively uniform year-round temperatures.

If you keep your bedroom windows closed at night and the ambient temperature doesn’t fluctuate dramatically, this duvet will suit you perfectly.

It’s also a wonderful option for well-insulated houses and apartments, or bedrooms where the heating and/or air-conditioning keeps the temperature stable.

winter duvets

Say goodbye to shivering under the blankets with our soft, downy winter duvets. They keep you cosy and warm in chilly rooms or when temperatures plummet.

Fresh air fan? Windows open through the night, whatever the weather? Our winter weight duvets will keep you super snug.

Or, if you get cold easily at night, even with the window firmly closed, this is a great choice for you. The beauty of our high fill power down is that its lightweight, breathable properties guard against overheating. When the warm weather arrives or someone turns the thermostat up, simply switch to a summer or all-year duvet.

polar duvets

Icy cold temperatures are no match for our polar duvets.

The warmest duvets we make, they keep you comfortable in the coldest climes. Think hibernation. Think virtually frozen glass of water on your bedside table because your partner loves a sub-zero room.

For individuals who really feel the cold, this is a sumptuous, soothing option. It’s the kind of duvet you’d expect to find in a chalet in the Alps, thick snow all around. Just remember to switch to a lighter duvet weight when the big freeze is over.

Custom-made duvets

You feel the cold while your partner hates overheating. Or vice versa. No problem: we can create a double duvet with different weights to suit you both.
custom made duvets

In fact, almost anything is possible at Norvegr. Commission a unique-to-you weight. A duvet that fits somewhere between summer and all-year, or finds the perfect balance between winter and polar.

As part of our service, we’ll gladly adjust your duvet if it’s too warm or not warm enough. You can send the product back to us for no charge. We’ll simply bill for the extra down material if you require more fill.

If some fill needs to be removed, this cannot be resold so we will either discard it or use it towards pillows for you.

As Norvegr products are designed to last for years, it’s vitally important to us that any duvet or pillow you choose is 100% right for you.

Please get in touch to find out more about our customisation service.

what about tog?

Many duvet manufacturers use the term TOG to describe how warm their duvets are. It stands for Thermal Overall Grade.

In our experience, this reference can be confusing. We prefer to talk about fill power, which applies uniquely to high-quality down. And as down is different from any other material, TOG is superfluous.

What’s important to know is that our down duvets keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool in the heat. A higher fill power, or fluffiness, enhances the balance of insulation and breathability. Find out more in Which of our duvet collections suits you?

Meanwhile, if you are used to the TOG system and would like to know how our duvets compare, use these guidelines:

Summer 4 tog

All-Year 8.5 tog

Winter 11 tog

Polar 15 tog

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