European White Goose, 90% Down Duvet, Fill Power 755

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European White Goose, 90% down and 10% feathers, fill power 755 (EU).

Greatly exceeds the worldwide benchmark for luxury at 600-700 fill power (EU).

Large and airy down clusters with good density and ability to trap air between the fibres for insulation and breathability.

Durable and can be restored up to three times without the quality decreasing – thereby lasting at least 40 years if maintained properly.

Available in Summer, All-year, Winter and Polar and therefore suitable for all climates and all possible personal preferences. Can also be tailor-made to individual tastes.

Our Classic Collection duvets are pure goose, 90% down duvets. They are filled with soft and luxurious down; feather free, like all of our other duvet collections.

A pure and impressive down quality, with a fill power of 755. This well exceeds the European watermark for luxury at 600, so even though this is our entry-level collection, its performance belongs in the high end, luxury bedding world.

Being pure goose and pure down, its fill power is naturally higher than that of duck down, due to these geese producing larger down clusters. And, the unique softness that only goose down provides gives an additional advantage and level of comfort.

High fill power equates to trapping generous amounts of air, which provides better insulating and breathing abilities.

These luxury duvets will keep you nice and warm and, at the same time, release excess warmth and moisture. Your body temperature will keep nice and balanced throughout the night and you will avoid waking up either too cold or too hot.

Filled in a channel constructed duvet casing made from the finest batiste, 100 % Egyptian cotton: The seams are hidden inside the casing on three sides, and there is no stitching.

Instead, we use baffle walls between the channels, to make sure that the down reaches everywhere inside the casing. This way, the duvet is equally as thick all the way through the channels, and you will not have any cold spots against your body.

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