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luxury Duck Goose down pillows

100% Duck/Goose Down Pillows - Classic Collection

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  • Our Classic Collection pillows are made from 100% Arctic White Duck/Goose down.
  • The fill power/loft is 625.
  • Available in soft/low, medium and firm/high.
  • € 207 - € 508

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What are the main characteristics of these pillows?

These pillows are popular among our customers and receive wonderful feedback. They are filled with a 50/50 mix of Arctic white duck down and Arctic white goose down.

This is the same type of down that we use for our Standard Collection duvets. It has a fill power of 625 and the down purity is 100 %, with no feathers.

Why are these pillows so popular?

From these pillows you get a wonderful combination of support from duck down and softness from goose down.

Ducks are smaller birds than geese and thereby produce smaller down and feathers.

How firm are these pillows?

On a scale from soft to firm, these pillows are right in the middle.

They are naturally softer than those containing both down and feathers, and ideal for those wishing for a little more support than a pure goose down pillow.

The details:

Norvegr Classic Collection pillows are fill power 625 – which belongs in the luxury end of the marketplace. Being higher than the 490 fill power of our Standard Collection down/feather mix pillows, we need less down inside these pillows to achieve the volumes that we want.

They are therefore naturally softer than our Standard Collection pillows.

Furthermore, with the down being feather free, this adds to the softness of the pillows.

If you are used to feather heavy pillows, these pillows will likely feel soft for you.

How many of these pillows is optimal?

Use one or two of these for your head depending on your personal preference, or combine one with one from our other pillow collections to create your own little pillow menu.

All Classic Collection pillows are available in soft/low, medium and firm/high versions.

How do I care for these pillows?

Wash and tumble dry according to our instructions twice or four times a year to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Choosing the perfect pillow

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