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The Spirit of Travel

celebrating the spirit of travel

The human thirst for new experiences and adventures is as old as the hills – or, indeed, the Vikings. At Norvegr, we celebrate our ancestral wanderlust while appealing to today’s discerning nomads.

Without curiosity, where would we be? Without the desire to seek out new horizons, to find out what happens next, we would have no fire, no wheel, no bread – and nothing to look forward to. Curiosity is our tool for survival. It also leads us to question the meaning of life: “What am I doing here?”
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Pursuing an adventure is enriching. By identifying with people, landscapes and things that inspire us, we feel more in touch with our real selves. Some even experience a spiritual awakening. At the very least, a change from routine may give us a fresh perspective on life.

Travelling to the lands of our ancestors can help us reconnect with our roots. Ironically, the best journeys serve only to increase our curiosity and our desire to explore more.

Let us take you back to 500 years before Christopher Columbus

Vikings were the frequent travellers of their day.

Fearlessly curious, the seafaring warriors sailed across the Baltic Sea and down the Russian rivers to settle, trade and wage war with the local inhabitants. They navigated the Black Sea and raided Constantinople. They journeyed into the Mediterranean and out again through the Straits of Gibraltar. The Bayeux Tapestry depicts Vikings on the River Seine.

Flame-haired Erik the Red sailed to Greenland, passing by the Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands and Iceland. And in the year 1000 or thereabouts, Norse explorer Leiv Eiriksson landed in America – half a century before a certain Italian navigator took all the credit for doing the same thing.

Travel with Norvegr

If you find yourself channelling a Viking explorer (but without the marauding), we have the perfect companion: the Norvegr Travel Set.

It allows a single traveller to carry their duvet, pillow and bed linen in a sleek leather holdall. Meaning there are no uncomfortable surprises in store on arrival at your accommodation. And you’re safe in the knowledge that you alone have used the bedding.

An alternative option is to stay at a hotel supplied by Norvegr. Relais & Châteaux and Belmond are among the groups who have the same discerning taste as you.

Recreate your luxury hotel experience at home

Even when you’re not travelling, you can still take yourself back to that gorgeous hotel room, where the pillows were like fluffy clouds, the duvet featherlight and the sheets velvet-smooth on the skin.

Many of our customers are people who have stayed at a hotel where Norvegr supplied the bedding, such as Belmond. Finding themselves incurably addicted to the Classic Collection duvets and pillows, they simply had to recreate the sensation at home.

Why do we love hotels?

It’s not just about a night’s sleep, of course. It’s about the bespoke silverware, the pristine linen tablecloths, the sumptuous interior design and discreetly attentive staff. Everything is that much better than at home.

But the sleep part is pretty important, too. Whether you’re holidaying, celebrating or doing business, a good night’s rest can make or break an occasion. Which is why the best hotels don’t take any chances with their beds and bedding. They choose the purest down duvets, which are never out of place in air-conditioned rooms, even in the warmest regions of the globe.

This we applaud. And it’s why Norvegr now supplies a very select few luxury hotels across a range of continents and climates, from freezing cold to blistering hot.

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