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How our Luxury Channel Constructed Duvets are Made

channel constructed luxury duvets

  • The material

    Our duvet and pillow casings are made in the finest batiste from            100 % pure Egyptian cotton. This fabric meets our extremely stringent requirements and is woven in a way that allows the down to breathe. It is impervious to down. The quality is woven to give the user a maximum of comfort, with a beautiful finish.

    Norvegr duvets are made with 100% down to keep you at the perfect temperature regardless of climate. When the weather is cold, our duvets are effortlessly cosy. When the temperature is hotter, the duvets allow free movement of excess body warmth and moisture, leaving you dry and comfortable. To read about the wonderful natural material down and how this is something completely different than feathers click here.

    The construction

    At Norvegr, we only make channel constructed duvets. This is the way we have done it in our family for more than fifty years. Channel style duvets wrap better around your body both length- and widthwise, and will not let the air in the room in under your duvet. This kind of construction requires a high quality of down, for the down to stay in place inside the duvet. We often see that box stitched duvets camouflage a lower quality down, since the construction gives it less space to move around.

  • The details

    Channel style duvets allow for filling and emptying of the down. We can empty the duvet casing and perform maintenance on the down, and adjust the filling if necessary. All Norvegr duvets and pillows can be restored - please read more about this here

  • Within the channels, the down is allowed to circulate and give you the comfort and well being that only down is able to achieve. The air lets the down transport humidity away from your body during the night. On average, this amounts to almost half a litre a night.

  • Duvets are often made with an outside seam and a decorative piping to hide it. Our duvets are made without outside seams. No stitching goes all the way through the duvet casing between the channels. Instead, there are 2,5 or 4 cm walls sewn between them. With no outside seams, and walls between the channels the down fills the duvets better. The duvets are equally thick all over and feel more comfortable against your body, with no irritating seams or piping brushing at your skin.