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Norvegr Down Pillow Guide - Expert Advice

If you need any help in choosing your down pillows, then we are more than happy to assist.
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Choosing the perfect pillow for you

Choosing the perfect pillow can sometimes be a challenge. There are all sorts of pillows on the market, designed for specific requirements, such as lying on your side, stomach or back.

At Norvegr, we have found the solution to be a bit simpler. If you do not have any special preferences, we would recommend a somewhat firm larger pillow, and then a softer top pillow, smaller or the same size as the bottom pillow.

This way you can vary the support for your head the way you like it, by using both, or using only one of the two.

Offering two pillows like these, we cater to the preferences of all kinds of people, necks and body shapes.
Our customers seem to be very happy with this solution.
However, should you be interested in a custom made pillow, please call or email us to explore this option.
We can adapt the filling to any request!

If you want personal help, we would love to assist you. Please call us Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, CET at +47 72900435, or email us at

About our down pillows

Traditionally, it is believed that one should use a mix of down and feathers in pillows, because using only down will make them collapse when you put your head down. The amount of feathers in traditional pillows can therefore sometimes be quite high. In addition, a high feather content makes for a cheaper pillow, since feathers are much less expensive than down.

At Norvegr, however, we fill our pillows with either pure down fillings, or fillings where the down portion vs feathers is quite high.
The results of this high down content are remarkable:

The benefits of high down content pillows

The advantage of using such high contents of down in our pillow comes from the unique qualities of the down pearls themselves. While a feather is two dimensional, a down pearl is three-dimensional. 

When using the right type of down, one gets a pillow that retains the same volume with a much lower weight. This means that a high down content pillow contains a lot more air than one filled with a high content of feathers.

Subsequently, this means that it will breathe much better, and release moisture very well during the night. Down pearls are also much more resilient than feathers, and you will therefore have a pillow with outstanding longevity.

Essentially, you have a lightweight, long-lasting pillow,
that insulates and breathes with a much higher efficiency than other pillow brands.

Our Standard Collection Pillows have a down/feather ratio of 60 % down and 40 % small and soft feathers. This comes from European white goose down. The fill power is 500.

Our Classic Collection Pillows have a down/feather ratio of 90% down and 10% small and soft feathers. This comes from European white goose down. The fill power is 625.

For our Premium Collection Pillows, we use pure goose down from European white goose. They are feather free and the fill power is an extreme 830.

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