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The Beauty of Natural Down


Bedding that triggers allergies is a headache – often literally.

The beauty of natural down – aside from its featherlight, breathable, heat-moderating qualities – is that it’s naturally anti-allergenic. So, you can say goodbye to night-time sneezes and stuffy noses.

In fact, it’s the dust mites trapped in bedding that causes allergies rather than the filling itself.

Studies show that synthetic pillows contain many times more allergens than down and feathers. This is largely because the dry, breathable environment that makes down so desirable to humans happens to be wholly disagreeable to mites.

The better the down quality, the better it breathes, which in turn creates a drier environment. The ratio of pure down to feather is also crucial. The closer to 100% down and 0% feathers you get, the more efficiently excess warmth and moisture are transported away from your body and out into the room.

All of which means: the purer the down, the fewer dust mites it attracts, and the more hypoallergenic it is.

Added to that, Norvegr’s down is meticulously cleaned to remove any traces of allergens.

Choose our high-quality bed linen, which remains pristine after countless washes, to complete your perfect, allergy-free sleep set.

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