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Norvegr Down Duvet Guide - Expert Advice

If you need any help in choosing your duvet, then we are more than happy to assist. 
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All our duvets are made with pure, 100% down – never feathers.  Our unique 100 % down fillings provide excellent insulation, moisture transportation and temperature regulation simultaneously. Rest assured that our down is of the highest quality and has to pass a rigorous quality control test before being used.

Step 1 – Choosing the fill power & type of down

Fill power/loft

  • Fill power is the international measurement for down’s capacity to retain air. This is measured on a scale from 0 – 900 CUIN, which is often referred to as “loft”.

    The fluffier and less compressed the down mix is, the better the quality of your duvet. And, the greater the fill power, the lower the weight of your duvet. This allows for more air, both inside the duvet, as well as between the duvet and your body; thus allowing for moisture to escape and the air around you to be regulated to body temperature effectively.

Below is a summary of the fill powers and down composition of our different duvet collections:

  • European White Goose Down Duvet - Fill Power 755
    (Classic Collection)

    100 % down - Fill power 755

    This beautiful, pure goose, pure down is very light. Its fill power is above the European watermark for luxury at 600 so although it is our entry level collection, its performance belongs in the high end, luxury bedding world.

  • European White Goose Down Duvet - Fill Power 850
    (Premium Collection)

    100 % down - Fill power 850

    Sea birds living in the Arctic develop ultra-warm down to cope with sub-zero temperatures. Snowy white down from this European White Goose feels almost weightless, yet keeps the body at the ideal sleeping temperature. This down quality copes with cold winters as well as hot summers, and its extreme fill power creates a supremely comfortable personal micro-climate. It is among the very best commercially available goose down qualitites out there. Providing an unbeatable level of warmth yet still extremely light.

  • Masurian White Goose Down Duvet - Fill Power 900+
    (Premium Plus Collection)

    100 % down - Fill power 900+

    This is a non-commercially available goose down quality, for which we have secured a good quantity for 2021. These geese survive European winters in extreme temperatures thanks to the remarkable quality of its down. Their down produces a fill power that tops the scale, exceeding 900. These are our very best goose down duvets, and they feel like sleeping underneath a warm cloud.

    Providing an unbeatable level of warmth yet still extremely light.

  • Luxury Norwegian Eiderdown Duvets
    (Limited Edition)

    Svalbard Eiderdown was sought after by kings and queens in the Viking Ages. And, nowadays, limited to an annual quantity of less than 100kg, this eiderdown is still one of the rarest and most exclusive materials in the world

    It is, without a doubt, the best material in the world for duvet making, and has the best heat retention of all materials in nature.

    It takes experts at least a week to hand-clean just one kilogram of pure eiderdown without feathers, and approximately 60 nests to yield enough raw material to fill one regular duvet.

    By hand-cleaning the eiderdown, its superb qualities are preserved, making for the ultimate Eiderdown duvet.

Step 2: Deciding the weight of your duvet

Once you have decided which down mix is right for you, the next step is to decide on the weight of the filling. Three important factors to consider are:

  1. The typical climate of your location
  2. How the temperature in your bedroom changes with the seasons
  3. Your personal temperature preferences

Our duvets come in the following varieties:

  • Summer duvets

    Our summer duvets are airy, lightweight duvets that will make even the hottest nights dry and comfortable. They are filled with small amounts of down, spread over many channels, in order to to create an almost see-through duvet.

    If the summers are warm where you live, or if it is warm all year round, then these are the ideal duvets for you. They are also good for bedrooms with air conditioning.

    Furthermore, if the description under ‘all year duvets’ meets your bedroom criteria, but you feel that you easily get warm during the night then this is the duvet for you.

  • All year duvets

    These are versatile down duvets made for rooms and environments that keep a relatively even temperature throughout the year, as well as bedrooms with air conditioning.

    If you prefer to keep your bedroom windows closed at night and the temperature inside your bedroom is relatively stable at most times, then this is the ideal duvet for you all year round. It is a wonderful option for well-insulated houses and apartments or for those bedrooms where heating and/or air conditioning keeps the temperature stable.

  • Winter duvets

    Soft and comfortable, this duvet will keep you perfectly warm in colder rooms and temperatures.

    Also ideal for those who like to keep their windows open during the winter or if you live in a climate where there is a significant difference between summer and winter temperatures, this is the ideal duvet if you prefer to keep your bedroom windows open at night.

    Additionally, if you get cold easily at night, this is a nice duvet to use during the winter, even if you prefer to keep your bedroom window closed at night. 

  • Polar duvets

    These well filled duvets are the warmest ones that we make. They are designed for cold winters in cold climates, as well as sleepers who feel the chill easily. This warm duvet will keep you perfectly cosy when you want to hibernate from very cold temperatures inside your bedroom.

General guidelines on choosing a duvet weight

Over half of our customers choose the versatile All-Year Duvet. However, if you are someone who gets cold easily, or if your typical outdoor temperatures shift above or below the All-Year duvet parameters during the course of the year, we would recommend purchasing a Summer duvet and a Winter duvet to keep you comfortable throughout each season.

Custom made duvets

Sharing your bed with a partner who wants a different duvet weight to you? No problem: we can create a double duvet with different weights to suit you both. Please get in touch to find out more.

As a part of our service, we will gladly adjust your duvet if you find it too warm (or not warm enough). If you send the product back to us, we will not charge for this service. If you want more fill then we will only charge for the cost of the extra down material. Or, alternatively, if you want us to take down out, this cannot be resold and will either have to be thrown away or we can use this towards filling pillows for you.

Since Norvegr products are designed to last for years, it is important to us that any duvet and/or pillow that you choose is just right for you.


A lot of duvet manufacturers use the term “TOG” to explain how warm their duvets are. In our experience, this reference proves confusing to many customers.

As Norvegr duvets contain distinctly high-quality down, they are also very light. This means that our luxury down duvets will keep you warm in cold temperatures while also keeping you cool in higher temperatures.

Here's how it works:

The better the down quality, the bigger the down pearls.

The larger the pearls, the less down that is needed inside, resulting in a product with a low weight.

Low weight duvets allow more air to circulate inside it – and the more air inside the duvet, the better the duvet is at regulating the temperature!

Note, that in TOG terms, this is contradictory. We, believe, however, that a high quality, lightweight duvet that can regulate temperature, is a superior offering than the TOG system.

Step 3: Deciding your duvet size

We offer the following duvet sizes:

140 x 200 cm/55" x 79" - UK Single
140 x 220 cm/55" x 87" - Norwegian Single
200 x 200 cm/79" x 79" - UK Double
230 x 220 cm/91" x 87" - UK King
240 x 220 cm/95" x 87" - Norwegian King
260 x 220 cm/102" x 87" - UK Superking
290 x 235 cm/114" x 93" - UK Emperor

59" x 90"/150 x 229 cm - US XL Twin
90" x 94"/229 x 239 cm - US Queen
102" x 94"/260 x 239 cm - US California King
108" x 94"/274 x 239 cm - US King
114" x 94"/290 x 239 cm - US Imperial King

Our UK and Norwegian single duvet sizes fit comfortably on any single size bed.

They also suit any couple that want one duvet each (Using one duvet each is the most common way here in Scandinavia!)

Additionally, we have US XL Twin duvet sizes, that, as well as being for a twin size bed, would also be suitable for couples that want one duvet each.

Of course, the smaller the bed is, the more overlap there will be between the two duvets. However, this will disappear when the both of you wrap the duvets around yourselves.

And, since our duvets are so light, you will easily be able to fold them when making up your bed, if you want to hide the overlap.

Or, if you are a couple that prefers to share one duvet, or a just a single person that loves a nice sized duvet, then we offer both UK and Norwegian Double, King, Superking and Emperor sizes.

And, in US sizes we offer Queen, California King, King and Imperial King.

(see the list above for measurements)

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