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Wood Fibre Duvet Cover / Pillowcase

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  • Made in Italy
  • 100 % Wood Fibre/Micro Modal
  • Satin weave
  • Single thread/ply
  • Oxford borders
  • Solid colors

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What makes this bed linen so luxurious?

Wood fibres are deconstructed wood, spun into a thread/yarn. This fabulous wood fibre material (sometimes referred to as Micro Modal), gives these duvet covers and pillowcases a sensation like silk.

At the same time, the wood fibre is not as slippery as silk can be. The material breathes extremely well, and therefore feels cool and immensely soft against your skin.

Made simple and elegant in solid colors of white and ivory. A bed linen collection ideal for die-hard silk fans.

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Care of this product:

- Must be washed in cool water temperatures, separate from other fabrics.
- Select a mild soap.
- Do not use any type of bleach or fabric softener.
- Wash on a gentle cycle without any other types of articles, in a small to moderate size load so that the fabrics have room to "swim".
- Do not wash with towels, blue jeans, or any other articles that can scour the surface of the fabric.
- Do not use "water saver" settings.
- Machine dry on delicate at moderate temperatures, do not over dry.
- Remove immediately at end of cycle.
- If you wish to press, it is recommended that ironing be done while the fabric is still slightly damp.