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arctic white goose luxury down duvet

Arctic White Goose, 100% Down Duvet - Classic Collection

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  • Our Classic Collection duvets are made from 100 % pure Arctic White Goose down.
  • They have a fill power of 12cm/ 170 mm/ 705 LOFT.
  • High fill power down with a large capacity to contain air.
  • Low weight and soft duvets.
  • Delivering the unique experience of a 100 % down filling - Great insulating, moisture transportation and temperature regulating abilities.
  • Available in summer, all year, winter and polar weights.
  • Ten-year guarantee - Can be restored back to its original shape, with the guarantee extended another ten years afterwards.
  • €697 - € 3142

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What makes these duvets so luxurious?

Our Classic Collection duvets are pure goose down duvets. They are filled with soft and luxurious down from the Arctic white goose; feather free, like all of our other duvet collections.

Being a pure goose down duvet, the fill power increases to 705 due to the geese producing larger down clusters than ducks do. And, the unique softness that only goose down provides gives an additional advantage.

A fill power of this magnitude enable us to fill less down in our Classic Collection duvets than we do for our Standard Collection duvets, while getting the same volume of filling.

(For a 50/50 duck and goose down duvet, see our Standard Collection)

What does this mean for you?

Higher fill power equates to trapping more air, which provides better insulating and breathing abilities.

These luxury duvets will keep you nice and warm and, at the same time, release excess warmth and moisture. Your body temperature will keep nice and balanced throughout the night and you will avoid waking up either too cold or too hot.

What other key features do these duvets have?

Filled in a channel constructed duvet casing made from the finest batiste, 100 % Egyptian cotton: The seams are hidden inside the casing on three sides, and there is no stitching.

Instead, we use baffle walls between the channels, to make sure that the down reaches everywhere inside the casing. This way, the duvet is equally as thick all the way through the channels, and you will not have any cold spots against your body.

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