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norwegian luxury eider down duvet

Norwegian Eiderdown Duvet / Comforter - Limited Edition

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  • Our Limited Edition Eiderdown duvets are made from Norwegian Eiderdown - 100 % down and no feathers, sourced from the island of Svalbard.
  • Eiderdown is the most exclusive quality there is.
  • The highest fill power of all types of down.
  • The best heat retention of all types of down.
  • Down hand picked from abandoned nests and hand cleaned.
  • An annual quantity of less than 100 kg.
  • Available in summer, all year, winter and polar weights.
  • The best insulating, moisture transportation and temperature regulating abilities of all types of down.
  • Ten-year guarantee - Can be restored back to its original shape and be as good as new after ten years, with the guarantee extended another ten years.
  • Washable.
  • €3492 - €28423

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What makes Eiderdown duvets so special?

Eiderdown is highly prized and differs from all other types of down. Place a little down in your hand and the warmth can be felt instantly; spreading and expanding to cover a surface area in a mere moment. Hold up a ball of Eiderdown and the down pearls form a weightless yet solid ball.

This is because the Eiderdown does not have quill shafts, but instead has a fixed central point from which the down barbs spread outwards. Miniature hooks at the end of the barbs then make the down stick together. 

Substantially more durable than a traditional quill feather makes for a highly durable and hard wearing luxury duvet; some of these duvets have been in use for more than 100 years.

The story behind our exclusive Eiderdown

The Norwegian island of Svalbard

Norvegr sources its Eiderdown from the Norwegian island of Svalbard, where the Eider ducks are cared for by the locals and co-exist with the infamous Polar Bear. 

The annual quantity is less than 100 kilograms and is arguably the most exclusive down in the world!

The eider ducks, ”Somateria Mollissima Borealis”, that inhabit the island are slightly different than the eider ducks on the Norwegian mainland.

Even during the summer there is often rain, sleet and ice cold winds in these polar areas. This means that the wild animals on Svalbard, such as the fox and the reindeer are smaller, and develop thicker and richer furs because of the harsh climate. This is also the case for the eider duck, and its protective down.

Lastly, unlike on the Norwegian mainland or in Iceland, the eider ducks on Svalbard are completely untouched by humans!

The Secret of the Eiderdown from this mesmerising island

Seldom is nature quite so sophisticated as the deceptively humble down of the highly prized eider duck of northern Norway.

There are many reasons why this material has been coveted for so long, but the eider keeps its secret, quite literally, close to its chest.

The down comes only from the female eider, who plucks it from her own breast to feather her nest. Whenever she needs to wander down to the sea to feed, she simply spreads a little down over her eggs. This is enough to keep them warm for the whole day – tribute enough to the unique insulating properties of this material.

This eiderdown has the best heat retention of all materials in nature!

The process behind collecting and washing this special Eiderdown material

After midsummer, the female and her ducklings leave the nest and head for the sea until next year - this is when the harvesting of the down can take place.

The down is hand collected and hand washed. It takes a highly skilled person a full week to clean a single kilogram of Eiderdown, which was taken from up to 60 nests. (Each nest yields approximately 15-20 grams of down.)

The hand cleaning process is an essential step to ensure the preservation of its unique qualities.

The annual quantity is sufficient for about 100 duvets and it is arguably the most exclusive down in the world. One rarely measures the fill power of eiderdown, however this has the highest of them all.

What other key features do these luxury duvets have?

Filled in a channel constructed duvet casing made from the finest batiste, 100 % Egyptian cotton. The seams are hidden inside the casing on three sides, and there is no stitching throughout.

Instead, we use baffle walls between the channels, to make sure that the down reaches everywhere inside the casing. This way, the duvet is equally as thick all the way through the channels, and you will not have any cold spots against your body.

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