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Testimonials - what our customers say about Norvegr and our products

Over the years, we have gained many new friends among our customers. We love talking to people about our products and helping them decide what to buy – consequently, our returning customer rate is as high as the quality of our duvets and pillows. Don’t take our word for it – here are a few quotes from some of our customers.

  • "My wife is in love again – only this time with a winter duvet."

    Hans Runshaug

  • "The most comfortable duvet I have ever slept under. My husband worries that I enjoy sleeping with the duvet more than him!"

    Galina Saye

  • “Our duvet is absolutely gorgeous! The cats love it too. Once you have experienced Snowgoose, there really is no going back – our old duvet feels like a dead weight by comparison. We would like to order a summer duvet from you too; then we will be set up for life!”

    Sue Stewart

  • “I have never before seen a company that offers a king size duvet with two temperature zones. Since my wife gets cold easier than I do, we were having trouble finding a king size duvet that would fit the both of us, so could not be happier. We have told all our friends.”

    Mr. Hall

  • “I have used my new duvet for about three weeks now and it is FANTASTIC! A pleasure to wake up with. The down regulates heat so well.”

    Kirsti Vanvik

  • “Impeccable service. It was reassuring to be able to talk to your kind, knowledgeable staff. The duvets are so light it is like sleeping under a cloud, though they keep us at a perfect temperature throughout the year. I blame your duvet for making it hard to get out of bed in the morning.”

    Mrs. Simmons