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Restoring your Norvegr down products

Age is just a number – see how your duvets and pillows can find a new lease of life.


    All Norvegr down duvets come with a ten-year guarantee. Pillows generally take a lot more beating than duvets, so they start to flatten more quickly than a duvet does. However, because of the down’s fantastic abilities to regain its shape, and the durability of the most exclusive qualities, the down in our duvets and pillows will last for decades when treated the right way. Therefore, if you invest in Norvegr down products, your duvets and pillows will potentially remain with you for a long, long time.


    For more than fifty years, our family has maintained and restored down duvets and down pillows. This service is extended to you when you buy Norvegr down products. Every ten years we welcome  you to send your duvets back to us for restoration. For pillows, we recommend restoring every five years. Our company is one of few in the world that is able to perform such a service. We restore by extracting the down from the product, steam cleaning it, replacing the duvet and pillow shell and then re-filling and topping up the down. In addition to conserving the planet's resources, restoring is dramatically less expensive than replacing the products, and the duvets and pillows become as good as new afterwards, every time.


    After having restored the duvets and pillows in our service department for you, they will be as fresh as new. At the same time, we will extend the warranty on your duvets for another ten years. After these additional ten years, the process of restoring the products can be repeated another time. The result will be equally as good, and we will extend the warranty a second time.


    With the restoration process in mind, our duvets and pillows are eco friendly products. Their cost is also dramatically reduced given their potential life spans. Our duvets can be restored five to seven times, which means that they are able to last 60 to 80 years in total. Our pillows can be restored roughly five times, allowing them to last roughly 30 years.

    For our pillows, the cost of restoring is the retail price at the time the restoration is performed, divided by four.  For our Classic, Premium and Premium Plus duvets, the cost of restoring is the retail price at the time the restoration is performed, divided by five; and for our Limited Edition Eiderdown duvets, you divide by eight. The products come out fresh as new after their restoration. Shipping back and forth come extra, but our contract with our courier includes a generous discount so the costs are modest.