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Maintenance & Repairs - Care & Repair for your Down Duvets and Pillows

With our handy tips, you can keep your Norvegr duvets and pillows in top condition for years to come.


Once the duvets and pillows are delivered to you, or after they have been stored, please air them for a few hours, or until the next day, before you start using them. They can be aired inside or outside as long as they are not left directly in the sunlight. You can also put the products in the tumble dryer for roughly half an hour on medium heat and leave to rest for a few hours afterwards, in order to speed up the process.

To get the most out of your products, be sure to air your duvets and pillows regularly. Give them a gentle shake each morning, and fluff the pillows. Leave the duvet folded over once, for an hour or so before you make the bed – this allows for moisture inside both the bed and duvet to escape. Duvets can also be aired outside, though we recommend not leaving it in direct sunlight. Do not beat, vacuum or dry-clean.


    We recommend that you wash and tumble dry your pillows roughly two to four times a year, in order to have them perform well at all times. Pillows are exposed to hair product, wet or moist hair, moisturizer and perspiration so they should be washed more often than duvets. Once the pillow starts to flatten a little it is time for a wash and tumble dry. As for your duvet, we recommend washing it when you feel that is it necessary. Usually, this would be once a year or once every other year.

    Norvegr products are washable up to 60°C and can also be tumble-dried. We strongly recommend using a professional cleaning service for your duvet, since home washing machines and tumble-driers are generally too small.

    The gentlest way to wash down duvets and pillows will take some time (approximately 12-18 hours). Start with a wool detergent and a gentle setting on the washing machine, before rinsing again after the program is finished. Use a moderate sling so the products are not completely squashed, and then put in the tumble-dryer until they are almost dry (if possible, avoid using maximum heat). Take out before completely dry and leave to finish drying on a table for a few hours. Pat and turn occasionally.

    If you are in a hurry, or if you do not have space to proceed as described previously, then you can simply wash products at full spin and put in the tumble dryer until completely dry.


    Should an accident occur (e.g. you tear a hole in your duvets or pillows, spill something on them, drop a cigarette on them etc.), do NOT throw the products away. We can replace the cotton casing for you. Alternatively, if the down needs to be cleaned, then we can do that too. All repair procedures are much more cost-effective than purchasing new products. Please email us at or call us at +47 72 90 04 35 Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM CET and we will find a solution for you.


    When you buy Norvegr down duvets and pillows, you can send them back to us to restore regularly, leaving them as good as new. We recommend restoring the duvet every ten years, and the pillow every five years. We will restore both duvets and pillows for you at just a fraction of the cost of replacing the respective products.

    The process includes opening the products, steam-cleaning down and replacing cotton casings, as well as topping up the down. For our pillows, the cost of restoring is the retail price at the time the restoration is performed, divided by four. For our Classic, Premium and Premium Plus duvets, the cost of restoring is the retail price at the time the restoration is performed, divided by five; and for our Limited Edition Eiderdown duvets, you divide by eight. The products come out fresh as new after their restoration. Shipping back and forth come extra, but our contract with our courier includes a generous discount so the costs are modest. Find out more about our restoration process here.


    Store your products in the linen bags they came in. Duvets and pillows should never be vacuum packed. Furthermore, they should never be stored in air or watertight containers, as they are natural products that need to breathe.


    After the restoration process is complete, we will extent the duvet warranty for another 10 years. After these additional 10 years, you can have the restoring process repeated, leaving your products just as fresh – and again, we will extend the warranty for another decade.


    Because of our restoration process, our duvets and pillows are both environmentally friendly and cost effective – especially when our restoration and repair services are used to their full potential.